5 Benefits of Playing Chess

Chess is one of the few games that offer many benefits for its players. It is not for anything that this game is often referred to as “the game of kings.” Historically, many kings and rulers also saw this game as a way to practice their skills in war planning and strategizing. Today, young and old could play chess and enjoy their benefits:


1. It boosts your IQ.


Playing chess is all brain works. It involves careful planning of your moves and strategizing what to do next to checkmate the opponent. This in turn can help players practice and continually enhance their analytical skills. There was a study conducted on 4,000 students from Venezuela which showed a significant improvement in the IQ scores of students after four months of receiving chess instructions and playing chess.


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Mr. Egghead

It is already summer and I have shaved my head for a change. My wife teases me that I look like an egghead, but it does not matter because I just hated summer heat since I was a child. I did not think that my wife is serious about the egghead thing, but then, she gave me a blue cap. I asked her about it and she told me that she is just kidding, but she is smirking at me. She told me that she gave me a cap to use outside because I do not have any protection on the top of my head when I am going out.

I have gone on to my regular routine and that is teaching my kids playing chess. When I got home, I told my wife that my scalp is really itchy. She told me that it might became itchy because I am not use to having a bald head. At night, it came to a point the I am scratching it wildly because I don’t know what else to do with them. My wife noticed what I am doing and she told me to stop it unless I want some scabs on scalp in a few days. She got up from our bed and she got me some antihistamines to lessen my frequent itching. She told me that I should go to a dermatologist the next day to end my misery. I asked her to accompany me because it is going to be my first time to consult a dermatologist. She understood and she told me that she would gladly come with me tomorrow.

My wife and I walked into the clinic and we asked the secretary if there are more slots that are available for today. She told us that there is an available slot this hour. She added that if we could just wait in a few minutes because the doctor is still on a consult with other patients. We waited for just a few minutes in the waiting room and my name is called. My wife and I entered the doctor’s clinic and we are greeted by the beautiful doctor. She thought that the patient is my wife so she asked her what brought her to the clinic. I told him that I am the patient and I told her about my problem. She asked for permission if she could examine my scalp and she told me that they looked like ingrown hairs and they are all reddened and swelling a bit. She examined it further and reading more information at http://www.scalpsolutions.net, she told me that I have scalp folliculitis. She asked me if it is the first time that I encountered such a condition and I told her yes.

My wife told the doctor that I shaved my head a few days ago and it just happened. I also told the doctor that I already have taken antihistamines to prevent myself from scratching them. The doctor told me that she is glad that I went to her clinic immediately as I did not wait for it to become worse. She told me that my condition could be easily medicated with an antibiotic cream. She also suggested that I continue taking antihistamines if I still suffer some itching.

New Found Hobby

My wife has been bored about his usual routine of tending to chores around the house all day. She thought that I have been enjoying myself on playing chess all day and she should also do the same. Her friend, Barbara invited her to play golf today, so she is very ecstatic and excited because it is going to be her first time to play. Her friend reminded her to put on a sunscreen because it is going to be a sunny day today and she does not want her to get a second degree sunburn just because of playing golf the whole day.

I am so happy for my wife that she finally has something to do. I have been telling her the past few months that she needs to find a new hobby that she would enjoy. I hope that she would have fun later, so we both would have fun stories to tell during dinner. I asked my wife about how she is going to go to the driving range and she told me that Barbara is going to pick her up any minute now. We heard a honking sound outside and my wife rushed to get out. It is really funny because she even forgot to kiss me goodbye. She must be really thrilled about golf.

Barbara asked my wife to stretch her arms, legs and hips because she would need it. She taught my wife the basics about golf and she is a very fast learner. My wife learned that she must use different golf clubs for different shots. She also learned about golf jargon and about how to score in golf. She is surprised about it because sports are usually won with more points, but it is not the case with golf. Barbara double-checked with my wife if she already put on her sunscreen because she does not want herself putting on vinegar for sunburn here on the golf course. My wife laughed and she asked Barbara if that really happened. She told my wife that a friend of hers was so stubborn to put a sunscreen on and she was burnt by the rays of the sun. They asked the country club staff if they have an antibiotic ointment available and they told them that they only have vinegar as an alternative and first aid treatment. A little bit reluctant, Barbara’s friend did not have a choice, so she applied vinegar all over the affected area. She told Barbara that it was soothing, but she smells so bad.

During dinner, my wife is so animated when she is telling me her stories about her first time playing golf. I noticed that she really enjoyed every minute of it. She added that they are planning to play again next weekend. Before she forgets, she told me that Barbara wants me to come with them next week. I told my wife to tell her friend, thanks, but I have a full schedule this coming weekend, as I have many kids to teach playing chess.

Hanging Out with the Doctor

Every day of the week, I am always at Starbucks sipping coffee and eating my favorite banana chocolate chip cookie cake, while teaching my class. I am so happy that my wife finally understood that I am doing this because it is a passion of mine to share my knowledge to other people. It is nice to know that our community acknowledge my dream and day by day, people have been signing up for my classes for kids and even for professionals who would like to learn the game of chess. I told them that it is a very simple game when you look at it, but once you have played it, you will never look at it the same because there are many combinations and possibilities about how to beat your opponent.

My wife and I have been good friends with Dr. Philippe because we always visit and call him about our cat. He is also a laid-back type of guy that is why I enjoy talking to him. He once asked me about what do I do now because I am already retired and I told him that I teach the game of chess to people who want to learn for a fee. I told him that I am often seen at the Starbucks in the 3rd street if he wants to take a peek.

One day, I am so surprised that Dr. Philippe went to the coffee shop to see me. I have not had many students that day, so I could accept walk-ins. I shook his hand and asked him about what can I do for him. He shared that he always wanted to play competitive chess, but he doesn’t have the time and the right opponent for him to be better. He told me that I would be the perfect opponent as he would be always challenged to figure out new moves and that would make him play better. He told me that he would pay me to play chess with him and I told him that he could just buy me my favorite banana choco chip cookie cake and he agreed. I was planning to go easy on him, but I am startled that he has the moves to beat me so I took the game seriously. We really had fun and fortunately, I had the better of him.

As the doctor and I are resting our minds, we got into some casual talk about stuff. I don’t know that happened, but I just asked him if can dogs eat bananas. Maybe it is because that I have been looking at my banana chip cake for a long time. He laughed at me and asked me if I am serious. I told him that I have tried feeding our cat some bananas and he didn’t even smell it. The doctor laughed at me and he told me that it would be difficult to feed animals, especially dogs, with bananas because usually, it is an acquired taste. He added that it is best to feed them hypoallergenic dog food because lately, there are reports that pets develop allergy over time with their usual, normal food. He advised me to observe our cat and if there are some itching, I should bring it to him immediately for a check-up because it could be something serious.

Promise Fulfilled

My wife is so vain until now and I am glad that she maintained her youthful glow. When I see her now, it just looks like the time stopped for her. She looks like the woman whom I invited to be my prom date eons of years ago. She is still beautiful and elegant as ever. I am glad that I married her and I would always cherish her for the rest of our lives.

I remember when he got pregnant with our son, Mark. She told me that she fears that she will also have stretch marks on breasts like her friend, Barbara. I told her that she should not worry about it now because the health of our baby is still on the top of our priorities. She agreed and she told me that her vanity is her second priority and we both laughed about it. She made me promise that I would help her deal with it right after she has given birth.

When she finally gave birth to Mark, she then asked me about how to remove stretch marks because she could not wear a bikini anymore during summer. I told her that it is still 9 months away from summer season and she could get rid of the stretch marks fast with the right treatment. I suggested her to ask her friend, Barbara about what she has done to get rid of those unsightly marks. Barbara told her that she went to a dermatologist named Dr. James and she had herself get a laser treatment for ten sessions. She added that her marks really lightened up.

My wife is afraid of getting a laser treatment, so my wife and I logged on the internet to search about the best alternative ways to deal with stretch marks. We read that stretch marks would lighten up with a few basic steps that my wife could do. First, she has to mix Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Olive oil and aloe vera gel, and apply the mix to the affected area. She has to massage it for a few minutes to make the skin soft. Next is the exfoliation process and it would help the marks to lighten. She could use granulated salt or sugar mixed with milk. We read that my wife needs to do it every day for a month to see the results that she wants.

My wife is fairly pleased with the alternative way that we found in the web. She told me that she may be vain, but she really is afraid of a laser treatment. She added that it might affect her breast milk, which she would be feeding our son. In just two months, the method that my wife chose really worked. We even have a before and after picture to prove it. She is so thankful to me because I always support her in everything that she decides to do. I told her that it is called love and we hugged.

Perfect Company

My wife has been complaining a lot lately because since I have retired, I am never seen in our home. She told me that I have been really addicted to playing chess and she does not have someone to keep her company. So I thought to myself to give her a present. When she was younger, she told me that she has always wanted to have her own cat, but her mom had an asthma so she could not have one. I decided to go to the pet shop to get her one.

I do not have any idea about what breed to get her, so I just asked the sales representative to educate me about cats. I am just fortunate enough that the sales person is very kind and patient with me as I asked him lots of questions about them. The sales person introduced himself as Charles, but he added that I could also call him Chuck. He told me that I could get my wife an American Shorthair because they are a very good companion at home. He added that such breeds are not high maintenance, as they do not have the need to be groomed every time. They just need once a week bathing and once a month clipping of their claws. He also mentioned that they have lots of customers who are very glad that they have bought such breed because they are very loving and loyal cats once the owner has gained their trust. I asked him about what food to feed them and he told me that they could eat any brand of cat food whether it be dry or the wet kind.

Chuck got me an American Shorthair kitten and he asked me to pet it. I was surprised that the kitten loved being petted because I have seen and met cats of our neighbors and they are normally grumpy and grouchy to humans. He told me that those kinds of cats have not been socialized with other people that is why they have acted like that. He also mentioned that the kittens that are up for sale were all dewormed to prevent roundworms in cats. I am happy with what he told me that I do not have to worry about such a disease. He just reminded me do not let the cat go outside, as they would be prone to getting parasites.

I thanked Chuck for his time and for educating me about cats. He told me that it is his work to educate people about the pets that they would like to buy. I added that I would buy one for my wife as a present. I also asked him to get me a cage for the kitten. Before I go, he reminded me to be wary of pancreatitis in cats because they do not normally show symptoms on the early stage. It is best to bring the cat to a veterinarian twice a year to be sure that our pet is fit and healthy.

Common Allergies and their Remedies

Playing chess needs concentration and focus. But that is a difficult undertaking if you are suffering from certain allergies with bothering symptoms such as sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose, itchy skin and others. At one time, I experienced playing chess with a runny nose and had some difficulty concentrating; so much more if you have an allergic reaction to certain triggers. This is especially true if the chess tournament is held in an open area like in a park where the players are exposed to the elements.


There are a number of allergy triggers and allergic reactions which can range from mild irritation of the eyes to a more severe symptom such as difficulty in breathing or generalized swelling. For people with asthma, exposure to certain allergens can trigger an asthma attack. But there are still ways to treat allergic reactions when they occur.



Pollen Allergy


Many people are allergic to pollen. This allergen normally triggers hay fever with symptoms that include nasal congestion, running nose, and itchy and watery eyes. You can prevent this allergy by staying indoors on a windy day. And when indoors, close all your windows and use air conditioning instead. If you have a history of pollen allergy, avoid playing in open spaces such as parks.


Treatment for pollen allergy includes over-the-counter and prescription medications such as Benadryl, Zyrtec, Clarinex and oral decongestants such as Sudafed. You could also use nasal decongestants, steroid nasal sprays and medications that contain antihistamines and decongestants such as Allegra.


Dust Mite Allergy


Dust mites are tiny organisms that thrive on house dust. Allergic reactions are similar to pollen allergy but they could occur all year round, unlike pollen allergy which is seasonal. You can prevent dust mites by using hypoallergenic mattresses and pillows. You should also keep all areas of your home clean especially your bedroom. Treatment for mite allergy includes taking decongestants, nasal sprays or antihistamines.


Mold Allergy


Just like pollen, these parasitic fungi containing spores also float in the air. Common allergy triggers are normally present in damp places such as in bathrooms and the basement. Outdoors, they are normally present in leaf piles, mulch, hay and grass. Mold allergy is common in the summer and fall and may also occur all year round if you have molds inside your home. Its symptoms include runny nose, coughing, congestion, sneezing and watery eyes, and are very similar to pollen or dust mite allergies.


You can prevent mold allergy by avoiding activities that might expose you to these allergen, such as clearing leaves or cleaning your basement or bathroom. If you have to do it, you should wear a dust mask. Also, keep your basement and bathroom well-ventilated. To address the allergy, you could use the same treatment used in pollen and dust mite allergy.


Food Allergy


There are people who are allergic to certain kinds of food. For instance, there are people who manifest the symptoms of yeast allergy after consuming products containing yeast. Many people are also allergic to nuts, milk, eggs and wheat. Allergic reaction normally occurs within minutes or hours after consuming food triggers. The most common symptoms are swelling around the mouth area, vomiting and diarrhea. There are also rare cases among people who are allergic to corn. Corn allergy symptoms are much different than other food allergies in that they include nasal congestion, difficulty in breathing, lightheadedness, dizziness and fainting. These allergies can be prevented by avoiding their eating food triggers. Taking antihistamine and steroid drugs is a common treatment for food allergy.


If you have a history of any of the allergies listed here, it is best to avoid exposure to the allergens. But if exposure is unavoidable due to certain circumstances, you should be able to properly deal with the allergic reaction by observing the above-mentioned precautions. And if symptoms persist, seek medical attention immediately.

How to Avoid Foot Sprain and Injuries

What I love most about playing chess is that it keeps my mind working. It is also not a physically demanding sport which can also make you more prone to accidents, injuries or foot sprains. At times, I watch softball games in the television, and oftentimes I see some athletes being assisted out of the field because of sprained foot or injuries. That is something I don’t like to happen to me. That is why I would rather play chess than any physical sport.

However, if you are engaged in a physical sport like softball, baseball, lawn tennis, soccer or running, there are ways on how you can decrease your risk of suffering from sprains and other foot injuries:

1. Warm up before the start of the game.

Regardless of the type of sports activity you play, warm-ups should always be a part of your routine. Warm-up exercises may include stretching, jogging or bending for about five minutes before the start of your actual practice or game. A good warm-up exercise can help gradually increase your blood circulation and heart rate as well as prepare your stamina for physical exertion during actual play.

2. Do not push yourself too much during the game.

If it is your first time to play a certain sport, don’t force yourself to do certain moves that experienced players normally do. The amount of time you spend on practice or play as well as the level of difficulty that you do should gradually increase over a period of time and not suddenly. Gradual training helps you develop your muscle mobility and strength without too much pressure which may result to sprains or in worse cases, develop into a sinus tarsi syndrome.

3. Use the right shoes for your sport and foot type.

Athletes who have low arches should use shoes that have front and under-the-arch support for more balance and stability. On the other hand, if your feet have high arches, the most ideal shoes for you are those with softer platforms and more cushions. Although cross-training shoes are generally okay for any type of sport, it is best to choose shoes that are designed for your kind of sport.

4. Avoid running or playing on uneven surfaces.

If you are a runner, be careful about running on a hilly or rocky terrain especially if the surface has loose gravel. Runners are prone to foot injuries if they run on unpaved surfaces. It is best to slow down when you are running on an unpaved surface.

5. Listen to your body.

If you are starting to feel some pain on your foot, stop what you are doing and rest for a while until the pain subsides. If you have a recurrent injury in the ankle, using a tape or brace may help you prevent the injury from recurring.

While observing these tips can help you avoid injury or foot sprains, the risk will still be there. Treatment normally varies depending on the severity of your condition. If you really want to totally avoid these problems, you could instead engage in other sports like chess. I strongly recommend this safer sport because of its many mental benefits.

Arm Pain: When to See your Doctor

Among others, one of the activities that you can still do if you have a painful arm is to play chess. I have done it before and with a little discomfort. I also know of other people who have suffered from a painful arm and were not able to have a productive use of their time because of that. This is especially true if you are a right-handed person and you have a pain in the right arm. Depending on the severity and cause of the pain, there may be a possibility for you to see your doctor for proper treatment.

Arm pain can be a result of various factors such as abnormalities or injuries related to the skin, joints, bones, soft tissues and blood vessels. Sometimes, diseases may also cause a person to have pain or numbness in left arm or right arm. These diseases include arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, cervical spondylosis, bursitis, herniated disk, angina, thoracic outlet syndrome, or in worst cases, cancer. Treatment varies depending on the underlying cause.

Moreover, some arm pain can be treated at home. For instance, if you have a painful arm because of a broken wrist or other injury, you could apply ice pack to the area and then use a sling for holding the arm while you get medical attention. Most minor cases of arm pain can be remedied by resting, applying ice pact, using compression bandage, and elevating the arm to reduce swelling.

However, there are cases where you have to see your doctor after suffering a painful arm. This is when the pain could be a possible symptom of an underlying serious health condition. There are signs that could help you identify when to see your doctor.

One sign to look after is if the pain comes suddenly and is severe or is accompanied by pressure or squeezing in your chest. If that happens, seek emergency treatment because it could be an early sign of an impending heart attack. The same is true if the arm or shoulder pain occurs while exerting effort but is relieved when resting. This condition is possibly a sign of a heart disease caused by slower blood flow to the heart muscles, otherwise known as angina. You should also see your doctor if you see any deformities in your arm associated with the pain or if the pain happens after hearing a cracking sound or a snap in the arm. Regardless of the cause, also seek medical attention if the pain becomes severe and is giving you trouble moving, if the arm pain has been existent for several days without improving, or if you see any increase in swelling or redness in the painful area.

A pain or numbness in the arm can give you so much discomfort to physically incapacitate you to perform your normal routine. It is important that after feeling pain or numbness, you must assess your condition if it falls within any of the signs that call for immediate doctor’s attention. Otherwise, you could simply apply an appropriate home remedy such as applying an ice pack or compression bandage.

How to Recover from a Painful Experience

I play chess not just for entertainment. It is also my way of stress relief whenever I have problems that I wish to forget for the moment. Other people have their own way of forgetting their problem especially if it involves painful experiences. Others take it by travelling, working, cooking, playing sports and others.


Recovering from a painful experience cannot be done abruptly; I am speaking based on my own experience. After playing chess or drinking my problem over a bottle of wine, the pain is still there. The same may be true for many people who tried instant relief from a painful past. The best way to recover from a painful experience or past is by way of a step-by-step process:

1. Identify what caused your pain.

Most people who are hurting do not really know why they are hurting. More often, it is already a combination of circumstances especially if the pain happens in a relationship. For instance, you love someone who does not love you back. You may be hurt because you are feeling less confident about yourself, because the person you love also loves someone else, or because you don’t know how to get over someone who doesn’t love you back. Unless you identify what truly is hurting you, you will not be able to move on with the pain.

2. Cry if you must.

Don’t keep the pain inside you. Express it and cry if you must. You will see that after crying, you will feel a lot better.

3. Keep yourself busy.

After crying and grieving, it is time for you to start moving on. Keep yourself busy and entertained. You can work, spend a week of vacation, find a new hobby, play games or do anything that you enjoy doing. And it is best to keep yourself surrounded with friends and family while you are still starting to get over your problem. Some people who are labelled to have an only child syndrome find it especially helpful to be supported by their families.

4. Find a resolution to your problem.

Once you are totally over with the painful feeling, you could now start finding a resolution to your problem. You cannot totally move on unless there is a complete resolution to the problem that is causing your pain. For instance, in the example above, if the reason for your pain is that the situation makes you feel less confident about yourself, start building up your confidence by improving on yourself physically and mentally. If the cause of the pain is that you cannot accept the fact that the person you love loves someone else, then you really have to accept that fact. Consider it as that person’s loss and not yours.

5. Learn from experience.

Who would like to keep on repeating the same mistake and the same pain over and over again? You can avoid this from happening if you learn from your experience. Don’t repeat your mistakes now so that you will not experience the same pain in the future. But don’t shy away also from every opportunity in the future. If you have to take the risk, take it again.

Recovering from a painful experience is easy if you are determined to move on. These five simple steps can help you in the process.

How to Get Rid of Abnormal Taste in Mouth

You know that feeling when you have been sitting for several hours without talking or even opening your mouth and then you end up tasting something in your mouth like a metal taste or sweet taste in mouth? I have experienced this quite a few times in the past especially when I have been playing one chess game over another.

Coincidentally, metal taste in mouth and other taste disorders are just normal. Generally, most taste disorders do not linger for a long time. However, if it lingers for a long time, it may cause a more serious health condition for patients who are on a specific diet because of allergy to certain food or at risk of diseases like diabetes and heart problem. The sense of taste helps us know what is in the food we eat. For instance, if you are at risk of diabetes, you should avoid eating sweet foods. But if you constantly feel sweetness in your mouth, it will be hard to distinguish which foods are really sweet and which ones are not.

Treatment or remedy for taste disorders depends on its type and what causes it. That is why it is important that a doctor should properly diagnose your taste disorder for appropriate treatment. Common taste disorders include lingering taste in the mouth even if you are not eating anything. It could be a lingering sweet, salty or metallic taste. In worst cases, some people totally lose their sense of taste, but this is a very rare condition.

Most cases of taste disorder develop after an illness or injury such as ear infection, respiratory infection and head injury. Cancer patients who are undergoing neck or hear radiation therapy as well as patients taking certain medications especially antihistamines and antibiotics are also more prone to taste disorders. This condition is also common among patients who have just undergone surgeries affecting the throat, nose, ear and teeth. Pregnant women are also prone to taste disorders as well as people with poor oral hygiene.

If you are experiencing abnormalities in taste, you should see an otolaryngologist, a doctor who specialized in nose, ear, throat, neck and head. A series of tests is normally conducted to identify the extent of your disorder. A new method is also now being developed by scientists for patients with taste disorders, which simply involves sipping, spitting, and rinsing. Overall, an accurate diagnosis of taste disorder is a result of a series of physical examination and tests. Normally, an otolaryngologist will also get your health history as well as conduct a dental examination and assess your oral hygiene.

Most taste disorders are curable. They may involve stopping and changing certain medications you are taking as directed by your doctor or solving any underlying conditions first. Proper oral hygiene is also important for a properly functioning sense of taste.

Having a taste disorder may not be a life-threatening condition but it deserves a doctor’s attention. If your taste disorder lingers for several days already, it is best to see your doctor for remedy.

Secrets to Happy Relationships

I wonder why some people are so caught up with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) when it comes to relationships. I have read and heard stories about couples who reach more than 50 years of strong marriage and they don’t even know about the MBTI personality types are. I believe that many secrets to a successful relationship, whether it may be INFJ relationships, INFP relationships or other types of relationships, lie on certain factors beyond what is defined in many books and other resources. You can best learn these secrets from real life experiences of couples who have lived them. Below are five effective ways to a happy relationship:

1. Forgive and forget.

When living with the same person everyday of your life, it is likely that you will have misunderstandings and in the process, you may hurt each other’s feelings. If you continue to dwell on these bad feelings, it will surely lead to a miserable life. Master the art of forgiveness, learn the lesson of that experience and continue to move on. If you try to practice this important step, you will be able to appreciate your relationship more.

2. Admit it if you made a mistake.

Committing a mistake is something that you cannot avoid. When you do, admit to your partner that you are at fault and do your best to correct it. You may later feel that you have lost your pride but in the end, you will more likely gain the trust of your partner.

3. Communicate and don’t gossip.

One rule of thumb in every relationship is to always communicate with the other person. If you cannot directly say it to the person, don’t say it behind his or her back. Honesty has also something to do with it. Even if you think that the other person will be hurt by what you will say, say it anyway. Many people will appreciate you for your honesty or sincerity.

4. Show your love and kindness every day.

Sometimes, you should show your love and kindness to another person not because that person deserves it, but because you want to. More than you know it, a simple smile, touch, kind words, shoulder to lean on, and a listening ear will have a great potential of turning a person’s bad day into a good one.

5. Start by being happy.

If you like to have a happy relationship, start by being a happy person yourself and then radiate that happiness to others. Any positive change that you want in a relationship should start from you. It would be good to start by having a self-reflection. Think of some positive traits that you want your partner to have and then try to achieve that yourself.

I believe that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, but there are such things as happy relationships. Happy relationships are not free from flaws, but these flaws are meant to keep the relationship even stronger. Don’t let these flaws fail you. Consider them as a test of your relationship. Wouldn’t it be nice to pass these tests and be able to spend long years of happy relationship with the person you love and care for? With the five ways mentioned above, we could all aim for a happy and successful relationship.

5 Ways to Alleviate Bunion Pain

Perhaps many people have not yet heard about bunions and what causes bunions, but it is a common foot problem that can easily deform the fingers of your feet if left unchecked. There are several factors that can cause them, including hereditary factors and lifestyle. Although sitting down for a long time while playing chess is far from its cause, I know of several chess players who had suffered from this problem before.

Having a tailors bunion or bunion can be painful especially when walking or standing up for a long time. The good news is that there are ways to alleviate the pain associated with it:

1. Soaking your foot

Soaking your affected foot in cool or lukewarm water is one good way to soothe the pain. You could use any basin if you don’t have a foot spa. Simply fill the basin with water, making sure that there is enough to cover the foot up to the ankles. You could add the water with any bath salts. Soak your foot for up to 15 minutes whenever you feel the pain.

2. Stretching exercises

Stretching exercises are great for sore joints including toes. While in a sitting down position, gently pull the affected toe in a range of motion. Hold for about 30 seconds and repeat the same procedure several times. You may also want to try stretching the affected toe away from the next toe. Discontinue stretching if you feel that the pain is worsening.

3. Use of a toe spacer or relief splint

Several devices have been developed to aid people with bunions. Many of these devices can help alleviate the inflammation and pain by reducing the stress on the toe joint. Among the most useful are the toe spacer and relief splint. You could also search online for other devices that may be applicable to you.

4. Applying analgesic

There are several over-the-counter topical analgesics containing menthol and other similar ingredients that can give a cooling sensation when applied, thereby reducing the pain. There are also analgesics that contain capsaicin which temporarily blocks pain signals and can give fast relief from pain.

5. Use of new shoes

Wearing the right kind of shoes is one way that can make you feel more comfortable when walking if you have a bunion. Your shoes should be wider to allow adequate space in the toe box since the bunion normally causes the forefoot to widen. It should also have a flexible sole for supporting the weight of the body. It is important to note that when choosing shoes especially for women, the higher the heels, the more pressure you are putting on your forefoot, causing pain and discomfort when walking. There are now shoes that are specially designed for bunion patients and you will be surprised at the wide range of designs available. Additionally, some athletic shoes also provide comfort for people with bunions.

If you are suffering from a bunion, it is best to avoid activities that require you to stand for a long time. That is one reason why playing chess is one of the most suitable past times for bunion patients where you just sit down and use your mind. With the above ways to alleviate the pain associated with bunions, you can recover from this problem sooner.