Doubled Surprise

It is going to be my wife’s birthday next week and I want to surprise her with a new pet. She already has a cat and I think that she is going to be happier with a big and colorful fish tank. I do not have any idea about them, so I asked our son Mark to help me with the purchase. I know that my son has some idea about them because he told me a few months ago that he gave her girlfriend a fish tank for their anniversary.

I called Mark and I told him about my plan. He is so excited and he told me that he would just pick me up at Starbucks, which I frequent daily. I told him that it is an excellent idea because I do not want her mom knowing about our surprise. My son arrived at the coffee shop right on time as I am packing my stuff and getting ready to wait for him. He parked his car and he told me that he needs an espresso shot because he needs to perk himself up because he is so tired from work. He also shared that he has been stressed lately because his girlfriend is asking him about when she could finally meet his parents and I just laughed at the thought because, I too, had problems when her mom wanted to meet my parents. I asked my son about why he does not let us meet his girlfriend. He explained that he is still waiting for the right time. I told him that it is okay and he would not be receiving any pressure from me.

We went to the pet shop and Mark asked the sales clerk about aquarium catfishes because he knows that they have been quite popular with hobbyists and collectors. The sales clerk introduced herself as Laura and she told us that they are very easy to take care of and even easier to feed. She told us that cory catfish and pictus catfish are one of the most popular catfishes in their pet shop. She added that these kinds of catfishes are very colorful and a joy to watch because they are very playful and very active. She added that they are very handy to have because they eat leftover foods, which prevents owners to clean the tank often.

Mark told me that he wants to buy her mom the fish tank and I could just pay for the fishes and I agreed. I told my son that her mom would surely be so happy when she finds out that we both chipped in for her birthday gift. I asked Mark to keep the fish tank for now and just bring it in this coming weekend because her mom would surely know that something is up if I keep the fish tank in our house. I also asked Mark to bring his girlfriend with him, so we could finally meet her mysterious girlfriend. He said that he has been trying to find the right timing to let us meet her and may be, this is the right time and I agreed.