Family is always Family

I am just hanging around at Starbucks with my buddies and students and then suddenly, I felt my phone vibrating. It said that my mom is calling me. I am not close with my mom, so when I received a call from her, I am a bit surprised. I asked her about how she is doing. She told me that she is all right, but my dad is diagnosed with bronchitis and I need to visit him because he is asking for me. I was taken aback by what she said. It took me a minute before I could properly absorb all the information that my mom is telling me. I was somewhat shocked because I just talked to him two weeks ago and he did not tell me anything about his condition. She told me that he already was diagnosed that time and he is having a hard time taking the bronchitis remedies prescribed by his doctor because he thinks that he does not need any more medicine, as he is already too old and he should just die. My shock is magnified with the thought that my dad just wants to die. I know that he is already ninety-one years, but he still has a few good years left of him. I told my mom that I would drop by their house in an hour, as I just needed to tell my wife about what happened.

I went home fast and I searched for my wife in our house, but she was not there. I went to the garden instead and saw her resting there. I told her that my mom called and my dad has been diagnosed with bronchitis. My wife was not surprised because she already knows that my dad is a chain smoker. She added that she really thought that my dad could acquire such a disease because he has been smoking a pack a day for most of his life. She asked me about how my mom is holding on and I told her that my mom sounded worried when she called me earlier. My wife asked me to give her a few minutes to get ready and she would accompany me to my parents’ house.

It has been a long time since I have been to our old house as I choose not to visit my mom as much because she hated my decision to marry my wife. My dad just visits me in my house to see how my family is doing. It is a bit awkward when my wife saw my mom again. I am surprised that the two of them hugged tightly. I am teary-eyed when I saw them hugging and talking. I asked my dad what happened and he told me that he does not need treatment. I told him that he needs a treatment, so we still have a longer time to spend with each other.

My mom started to cry when she was telling us about when the dad’s doctor told her it was a toss-up between bronchitis vs. pneumonia. I told my mom that she could always count on my wife and me to take care of them. She also thanked me for being so loving even though she was not to my wife. She apologized to my wife and she said that she is going to change for the better. I told her that we would always be a family, no matter what happens.