Hanging Out with the Doctor

Every day of the week, I am always at Starbucks sipping coffee and eating my favorite banana chocolate chip cookie cake, while teaching my class. I am so happy that my wife finally understood that I am doing this because it is a passion of mine to share my knowledge to other people. It is nice to know that our community acknowledge my dream and day by day, people have been signing up for my classes for kids and even for professionals who would like to learn the game of chess. I told them that it is a very simple game when you look at it, but once you have played it, you will never look at it the same because there are many combinations and possibilities about how to beat your opponent.

My wife and I have been good friends with Dr. Philippe because we always visit and call him about our cat. He is also a laid-back type of guy that is why I enjoy talking to him. He once asked me about what do I do now because I am already retired and I told him that I teach the game of chess to people who want to learn for a fee. I told him that I am often seen at the Starbucks in the 3rd street if he wants to take a peek.

One day, I am so surprised that Dr. Philippe went to the coffee shop to see me. I have not had many students that day, so I could accept walk-ins. I shook his hand and asked him about what can I do for him. He shared that he always wanted to play competitive chess, but he doesn’t have the time and the right opponent for him to be better. He told me that I would be the perfect opponent as he would be always challenged to figure out new moves and that would make him play better. He told me that he would pay me to play chess with him and I told him that he could just buy me my favorite banana choco chip cookie cake and he agreed. I was planning to go easy on him, but I am startled that he has the moves to beat me so I took the game seriously. We really had fun and fortunately, I had the better of him.

As the doctor and I are resting our minds, we got into some casual talk about stuff. I don’t know that happened, but I just asked him if can dogs eat bananas. Maybe it is because that I have been looking at my banana chip cake for a long time. He laughed at me and asked me if I am serious. I told him that I have tried feeding our cat some bananas and he didn’t even smell it. The doctor laughed at me and he told me that it would be difficult to feed animals, especially dogs, with bananas because usually, it is an acquired taste. He added that it is best to feed them hypoallergenic dog food because lately, there are reports that pets develop allergy over time with their usual, normal food. He advised me to observe our cat and if there are some itching, I should bring it to him immediately for a check-up because it could be something serious.