Mr. Egghead

It is already summer and I have shaved my head for a change. My wife teases me that I look like an egghead, but it does not matter because I just hated summer heat since I was a child. I did not think that my wife is serious about the egghead thing, but then, she gave me a blue cap. I asked her about it and she told me that she is just kidding, but she is smirking at me. She told me that she gave me a cap to use outside because I do not have any protection on the top of my head when I am going out.

I have gone on to my regular routine and that is teaching my kids playing chess. When I got home, I told my wife that my scalp is really itchy. She told me that it might became itchy because I am not use to having a bald head. At night, it came to a point the I am scratching it wildly because I don’t know what else to do with them. My wife noticed what I am doing and she told me to stop it unless I want some scabs on scalp in a few days. She got up from our bed and she got me some antihistamines to lessen my frequent itching. She told me that I should go to a dermatologist the next day to end my misery. I asked her to accompany me because it is going to be my first time to consult a dermatologist. She understood and she told me that she would gladly come with me tomorrow.

My wife and I walked into the clinic and we asked the secretary if there are more slots that are available for today. She told us that there is an available slot this hour. She added that if we could just wait in a few minutes because the doctor is still on a consult with other patients. We waited for just a few minutes in the waiting room and my name is called. My wife and I entered the doctor’s clinic and we are greeted by the beautiful doctor. She thought that the patient is my wife so she asked her what brought her to the clinic. I told him that I am the patient and I told her about my problem. She asked for permission if she could examine my scalp and she told me that they looked like ingrown hairs and they are all reddened and swelling a bit. She examined it further and reading more information at, she told me that I have scalp folliculitis. She asked me if it is the first time that I encountered such a condition and I told her yes.

My wife told the doctor that I shaved my head a few days ago and it just happened. I also told the doctor that I already have taken antihistamines to prevent myself from scratching them. The doctor told me that she is glad that I went to her clinic immediately as I did not wait for it to become worse. She told me that my condition could be easily medicated with an antibiotic cream. She also suggested that I continue taking antihistamines if I still suffer some itching.