Never Stop Dreaming

My only son Mark used to dream to become a professional football player, but his dreams were done when he had a recurring injury of shoulder subluxation. It was so hard to see my only son robbed out of his dreams with just a snap of a finger. He suffered a severe pain between shoulder blades, but he just played on thinking that ignoring it would just make it go away, but it was the complete opposite. He almost got his shoulders dislocated and his doctor strongly advised him to stop playing football altogether. He really tried to play with the pain as he just got some anesthetics, but it was not enough and it even aggravated his injury further. When his doctor learned about what he did, he was surprised that he could still move his shoulders even to a bare minimum. He was prescribed with a bunch of pain relievers and he also had some occasional cortisone shots to relieve the swelling. He also asked my son to wear a sling for a few months to make his shoulder stable and it would help his shoulder heal fully.

At first, Mark could not accept with what happened to him. I often find him alone in our porch staring blankly at the skies above. My wife and I decided to talk to him, but the problem was we did not know the answers that our son is searching for about why it happened to him. I have been a witness of how much hard work and hours that our son puts into his dreams. What my wife and I could only tell our son was we would always be here for him if he needed someone to talk. He thanked us and he told us that he would approach us as soon as he finds out why it happened to him. I told him that it is no use of finding the answers now because if there is something that life taught me, the answers that we are searching for in life would just come to us when we least expect it and he just nodded.

It took our son a few months to move on from his injury and his dreams. Now, he is spending his time coaching peewee football and he told me that he just wants other people to live his dreams for him. He now understands his purpose and that is to share his will and passion to others who shares his dreams. He has been having fun teaching kids about the basics of football. He told me that he still envy his friends who could still continue their dreams, but he is still fortunate that he could function normally after what happened. His doctor and his therapist told him that athletes who pushed themselves to their limit usually have nothing to come back to after they have healed their injuries.

My son told me that he also wants to put up a fundraising event for his kids for their uniforms and he would like her mom and me to help him organize the event. My wife and I are so glad that Mark is finally beginning to realize his new dream and that is to help and make changes for other people.