New Found Hobby

My wife has been bored about his usual routine of tending to chores around the house all day. She thought that I have been enjoying myself on playing chess all day and she should also do the same. Her friend, Barbara invited her to play golf today, so she is very ecstatic and excited because it is going to be her first time to play. Her friend reminded her to put on a sunscreen because it is going to be a sunny day today and she does not want her to get a second degree sunburn just because of playing golf the whole day.

I am so happy for my wife that she finally has something to do. I have been telling her the past few months that she needs to find a new hobby that she would enjoy. I hope that she would have fun later, so we both would have fun stories to tell during dinner. I asked my wife about how she is going to go to the driving range and she told me that Barbara is going to pick her up any minute now. We heard a honking sound outside and my wife rushed to get out. It is really funny because she even forgot to kiss me goodbye. She must be really thrilled about golf.

Barbara asked my wife to stretch her arms, legs and hips because she would need it. She taught my wife the basics about golf and she is a very fast learner. My wife learned that she must use different golf clubs for different shots. She also learned about golf jargon and about how to score in golf. She is surprised about it because sports are usually won with more points, but it is not the case with golf. Barbara double-checked with my wife if she already put on her sunscreen because she does not want herself putting on vinegar for sunburn here on the golf course. My wife laughed and she asked Barbara if that really happened. She told my wife that a friend of hers was so stubborn to put a sunscreen on and she was burnt by the rays of the sun. They asked the country club staff if they have an antibiotic ointment available and they told them that they only have vinegar as an alternative and first aid treatment. A little bit reluctant, Barbara’s friend did not have a choice, so she applied vinegar all over the affected area. She told Barbara that it was soothing, but she smells so bad.

During dinner, my wife is so animated when she is telling me her stories about her first time playing golf. I noticed that she really enjoyed every minute of it. She added that they are planning to play again next weekend. Before she forgets, she told me that Barbara wants me to come with them next week. I told my wife to tell her friend, thanks, but I have a full schedule this coming weekend, as I have many kids to teach playing chess.