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Arm Pain: When to See your Doctor

Among others, one of the activities that you can still do if you have a painful arm is to play chess. I have done it before and with a little discomfort. I also know of other people who have suffered from a painful arm and were not able to have a productive use of their time because of that. This is especially true if you are a right-handed person and you have a pain in the right arm. Depending on the severity and cause of the pain, there may be a possibility for you to see your doctor for proper treatment.

Arm pain can be a result of various factors such as abnormalities or injuries related to the skin, joints, bones, soft tissues and blood vessels. Sometimes, diseases may also cause a person to have pain or numbness in left arm or right arm. These diseases include arthritis, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, cervical spondylosis, bursitis, herniated disk, angina, thoracic outlet syndrome, or in worst cases, cancer. Treatment varies depending on the underlying cause.

Moreover, some arm pain can be treated at home. For instance, if you have a painful arm because of a broken wrist or other injury, you could apply ice pack to the area and then use a sling for holding the arm while you get medical attention. Most minor cases of arm pain can be remedied by resting, applying ice pact, using compression bandage, and elevating the arm to reduce swelling.

However, there are cases where you have to see your doctor after suffering a painful arm. This is when the pain could be a possible symptom of an underlying serious health condition. There are signs that could help you identify when to see your doctor.

One sign to look after is if the pain comes suddenly and is severe or is accompanied by pressure or squeezing in your chest. If that happens, seek emergency treatment because it could be an early sign of an impending heart attack. The same is true if the arm or shoulder pain occurs while exerting effort but is relieved when resting. This condition is possibly a sign of a heart disease caused by slower blood flow to the heart muscles, otherwise known as angina. You should also see your doctor if you see any deformities in your arm associated with the pain or if the pain happens after hearing a cracking sound or a snap in the arm. Regardless of the cause, also seek medical attention if the pain becomes severe and is giving you trouble moving, if the arm pain has been existent for several days without improving, or if you see any increase in swelling or redness in the painful area.

A pain or numbness in the arm can give you so much discomfort to physically incapacitate you to perform your normal routine. It is important that after feeling pain or numbness, you must assess your condition if it falls within any of the signs that call for immediate doctor’s attention. Otherwise, you could simply apply an appropriate home remedy such as applying an ice pack or compression bandage.

How to Recover from a Painful Experience

I play chess not just for entertainment. It is also my way of stress relief whenever I have problems that I wish to forget for the moment. Other people have their own way of forgetting their problem especially if it involves painful experiences. Others take it by travelling, working, cooking, playing sports and others.


Recovering from a painful experience cannot be done abruptly; I am speaking based on my own experience. After playing chess or drinking my problem over a bottle of wine, the pain is still there. The same may be true for many people who tried instant relief from a painful past. The best way to recover from a painful experience or past is by way of a step-by-step process:

1. Identify what caused your pain.

Most people who are hurting do not really know why they are hurting. More often, it is already a combination of circumstances especially if the pain happens in a relationship. For instance, you love someone who does not love you back. You may be hurt because you are feeling less confident about yourself, because the person you love also loves someone else, or because you don’t know how to get over someone who doesn’t love you back. Unless you identify what truly is hurting you, you will not be able to move on with the pain.

2. Cry if you must.

Don’t keep the pain inside you. Express it and cry if you must. You will see that after crying, you will feel a lot better.

3. Keep yourself busy.

After crying and grieving, it is time for you to start moving on. Keep yourself busy and entertained. You can work, spend a week of vacation, find a new hobby, play games or do anything that you enjoy doing. And it is best to keep yourself surrounded with friends and family while you are still starting to get over your problem. Some people who are labelled to have an only child syndrome find it especially helpful to be supported by their families.

4. Find a resolution to your problem.

Once you are totally over with the painful feeling, you could now start finding a resolution to your problem. You cannot totally move on unless there is a complete resolution to the problem that is causing your pain. For instance, in the example above, if the reason for your pain is that the situation makes you feel less confident about yourself, start building up your confidence by improving on yourself physically and mentally. If the cause of the pain is that you cannot accept the fact that the person you love loves someone else, then you really have to accept that fact. Consider it as that person’s loss and not yours.

5. Learn from experience.

Who would like to keep on repeating the same mistake and the same pain over and over again? You can avoid this from happening if you learn from your experience. Don’t repeat your mistakes now so that you will not experience the same pain in the future. But don’t shy away also from every opportunity in the future. If you have to take the risk, take it again.

Recovering from a painful experience is easy if you are determined to move on. These five simple steps can help you in the process.

How to Get Rid of Abnormal Taste in Mouth

You know that feeling when you have been sitting for several hours without talking or even opening your mouth and then you end up tasting something in your mouth like a metal taste or sweet taste in mouth? I have experienced this quite a few times in the past especially when I have been playing one chess game over another.

Coincidentally, metal taste in mouth and other taste disorders are just normal. Generally, most taste disorders do not linger for a long time. However, if it lingers for a long time, it may cause a more serious health condition for patients who are on a specific diet because of allergy to certain food or at risk of diseases like diabetes and heart problem. The sense of taste helps us know what is in the food we eat. For instance, if you are at risk of diabetes, you should avoid eating sweet foods. But if you constantly feel sweetness in your mouth, it will be hard to distinguish which foods are really sweet and which ones are not.

Treatment or remedy for taste disorders depends on its type and what causes it. That is why it is important that a doctor should properly diagnose your taste disorder for appropriate treatment. Common taste disorders include lingering taste in the mouth even if you are not eating anything. It could be a lingering sweet, salty or metallic taste. In worst cases, some people totally lose their sense of taste, but this is a very rare condition.

Most cases of taste disorder develop after an illness or injury such as ear infection, respiratory infection and head injury. Cancer patients who are undergoing neck or hear radiation therapy as well as patients taking certain medications especially antihistamines and antibiotics are also more prone to taste disorders. This condition is also common among patients who have just undergone surgeries affecting the throat, nose, ear and teeth. Pregnant women are also prone to taste disorders as well as people with poor oral hygiene.

If you are experiencing abnormalities in taste, you should see an otolaryngologist, a doctor who specialized in nose, ear, throat, neck and head. A series of tests is normally conducted to identify the extent of your disorder. A new method is also now being developed by scientists for patients with taste disorders, which simply involves sipping, spitting, and rinsing. Overall, an accurate diagnosis of taste disorder is a result of a series of physical examination and tests. Normally, an otolaryngologist will also get your health history as well as conduct a dental examination and assess your oral hygiene.

Most taste disorders are curable. They may involve stopping and changing certain medications you are taking as directed by your doctor or solving any underlying conditions first. Proper oral hygiene is also important for a properly functioning sense of taste.

Having a taste disorder may not be a life-threatening condition but it deserves a doctor’s attention. If your taste disorder lingers for several days already, it is best to see your doctor for remedy.

Secrets to Happy Relationships

I wonder why some people are so caught up with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) when it comes to relationships. I have read and heard stories about couples who reach more than 50 years of strong marriage and they don’t even know about the MBTI personality types are. I believe that many secrets to a successful relationship, whether it may be INFJ relationships, INFP relationships or other types of relationships, lie on certain factors beyond what is defined in many books and other resources. You can best learn these secrets from real life experiences of couples who have lived them. Below are five effective ways to a happy relationship:

1. Forgive and forget.

When living with the same person everyday of your life, it is likely that you will have misunderstandings and in the process, you may hurt each other’s feelings. If you continue to dwell on these bad feelings, it will surely lead to a miserable life. Master the art of forgiveness, learn the lesson of that experience and continue to move on. If you try to practice this important step, you will be able to appreciate your relationship more.

2. Admit it if you made a mistake.

Committing a mistake is something that you cannot avoid. When you do, admit to your partner that you are at fault and do your best to correct it. You may later feel that you have lost your pride but in the end, you will more likely gain the trust of your partner.

3. Communicate and don’t gossip.

One rule of thumb in every relationship is to always communicate with the other person. If you cannot directly say it to the person, don’t say it behind his or her back. Honesty has also something to do with it. Even if you think that the other person will be hurt by what you will say, say it anyway. Many people will appreciate you for your honesty or sincerity.

4. Show your love and kindness every day.

Sometimes, you should show your love and kindness to another person not because that person deserves it, but because you want to. More than you know it, a simple smile, touch, kind words, shoulder to lean on, and a listening ear will have a great potential of turning a person’s bad day into a good one.

5. Start by being happy.

If you like to have a happy relationship, start by being a happy person yourself and then radiate that happiness to others. Any positive change that you want in a relationship should start from you. It would be good to start by having a self-reflection. Think of some positive traits that you want your partner to have and then try to achieve that yourself.

I believe that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship, but there are such things as happy relationships. Happy relationships are not free from flaws, but these flaws are meant to keep the relationship even stronger. Don’t let these flaws fail you. Consider them as a test of your relationship. Wouldn’t it be nice to pass these tests and be able to spend long years of happy relationship with the person you love and care for? With the five ways mentioned above, we could all aim for a happy and successful relationship.

5 Ways to Alleviate Bunion Pain

Perhaps many people have not yet heard about bunions and what causes bunions, but it is a common foot problem that can easily deform the fingers of your feet if left unchecked. There are several factors that can cause them, including hereditary factors and lifestyle. Although sitting down for a long time while playing chess is far from its cause, I know of several chess players who had suffered from this problem before.

Having a tailors bunion or bunion can be painful especially when walking or standing up for a long time. The good news is that there are ways to alleviate the pain associated with it:

1. Soaking your foot

Soaking your affected foot in cool or lukewarm water is one good way to soothe the pain. You could use any basin if you don’t have a foot spa. Simply fill the basin with water, making sure that there is enough to cover the foot up to the ankles. You could add the water with any bath salts. Soak your foot for up to 15 minutes whenever you feel the pain.

2. Stretching exercises

Stretching exercises are great for sore joints including toes. While in a sitting down position, gently pull the affected toe in a range of motion. Hold for about 30 seconds and repeat the same procedure several times. You may also want to try stretching the affected toe away from the next toe. Discontinue stretching if you feel that the pain is worsening.

3. Use of a toe spacer or relief splint

Several devices have been developed to aid people with bunions. Many of these devices can help alleviate the inflammation and pain by reducing the stress on the toe joint. Among the most useful are the toe spacer and relief splint. You could also search online for other devices that may be applicable to you.

4. Applying analgesic

There are several over-the-counter topical analgesics containing menthol and other similar ingredients that can give a cooling sensation when applied, thereby reducing the pain. There are also analgesics that contain capsaicin which temporarily blocks pain signals and can give fast relief from pain.

5. Use of new shoes

Wearing the right kind of shoes is one way that can make you feel more comfortable when walking if you have a bunion. Your shoes should be wider to allow adequate space in the toe box since the bunion normally causes the forefoot to widen. It should also have a flexible sole for supporting the weight of the body. It is important to note that when choosing shoes especially for women, the higher the heels, the more pressure you are putting on your forefoot, causing pain and discomfort when walking. There are now shoes that are specially designed for bunion patients and you will be surprised at the wide range of designs available. Additionally, some athletic shoes also provide comfort for people with bunions.

If you are suffering from a bunion, it is best to avoid activities that require you to stand for a long time. That is one reason why playing chess is one of the most suitable past times for bunion patients where you just sit down and use your mind. With the above ways to alleviate the pain associated with bunions, you can recover from this problem sooner.

Marriage Troubles

Our only son, Mark has been happily married for over five years and her mom and I are so surprised to learn that her wife already filed a divorce. He just came in ours house three days ago and he told us about what happened to his marriage. He told us that they just kept their problem a secret. He added that they have been having trouble conceiving a child and it caused a rift between them. He do not know what to do because they even had their sterility checked and they both seem okay. Since then, his wife has not been home early and when she goes home, she reeks of alcohol.

At first, Mark tried to understand her wife because he knows that it is really hard to accept that they could not make a child without any reason. He thought that her drinking would be just a phase, but it has been over two years and she is still drinking herself to sleep. Our son initiated talks with her wife, but she was so unreasonable that led them to many loud arguments. There was even a time that their neighbor had to call authorities to pacify both of them because they had been throwing their stuff outside their windows. I asked my son if he wants me to talk to her wife and he told me that it is too late because she already moved out of their house two weeks ago. I told my son to just relax in our house and do not think about his problem too much because it would cause him depression.

supplements for anxietyI was too late because he told that he has not been sleeping that much. He added that he is very lucky to get a two-hour sleep every day. I asked him if he wants to get a consult with a doctor because I think that he needs supplements for anxiety to help him sleep. He told me thanks, but he would try to solve it himself first. Days gone by and he still cannot sleep, so he finally decided to see a doctor. I accompanied him and I chose to stay in the waiting area because he needs some privacy. After a couple of minutes, he came out of the door and he told me that the doctor needed to speak to me in private. I am surprised but I get in the room anyway, as my son left the room. The doctor thanked me for coming in and he told me that my son needs constant help in coping because he still could not accept the fact that his marriage is finally over. He reminded me that my son is going to be more fragile and sensitive about things and I understand.

My wife and I feel so bad that our son has been having a relationship anxiety because whenever we see his family back then, they just act like a normal, loving and happy family and we are wrong. I hope that my son gets over his depression quick because I do not want him to be a depressed and a bitter man for the rest of his life.

The Reason

My wife and I met in college because we studied the same majors and we are always on the same classes. I was astounded by her beautiful smile, her long black hair, and most importantly, her perky personality. I am the living proof that opposites attract because I am mostly a laid-back type of guy, while my wife is very outgoing until now. Even though that she does not go out as often as she wants, she always have friends who come over in our house every weekend. Sometimes, they even talk on the phone for hours just talking about stuff.

I remember when we were dating, she cancelled me a lot of times and I thought that she doesn’t like me anymore. I even asked some of our friends about the new guy that she is dating and they told me that she really likes me, and she wouldn’t date someone else. If that was the case, I was intrigued about the reason why she always postpones our dates. What I did was I went to her apartment and knocked on her door. She asked who it is and I told her that it is I, Rob. She told me that she would not let me see her on her current condition. I asked her what is happening with her because I care. She asked me if I could make a promise that I would never tell anyone about what she is going to tell me and I told her yes. She opened the door gently and she let me in. She was wearing a hoodie and she told me that she has a big nodular acne on her forehead. I asked her if she could take her hood off, so I could see and it is really a big acne.

I have always been a problem solver all my life, so I asked her to wait a minute because I want to help her. After gathering all my thoughts, I told her that she has two choices and that it go to a reputable dermatologist for a treatment or just have herself deal with her acne. She told me that she does not want to go to her dermatologist because the last time that she went there, her doctor made her undergo a salicylic acid peel. She added that she does not want that kind of treatment anymore because it hurts so badly. She said that she could not even get out of the house back then because her face was reddened and was very sensitive to the sun and even normal lighting fixtures inside the house.

I told her that, we do not have other choice but treat her acne ourselves. I know some treatments because my sister also used to have bad acne breakouts not only on her face, but also on her back. I told her that I would be right back and I would get her a combination of benzoyl peroxide and retinoid ointment because it had done wonders on my sister’s breakouts. She thanked me and she told me that she is a very lucky girl because she has me.

Please Slow Down a Little

Life has certainly been good to us all, especially to me and my family. We all have decent health and are not wanting of anything, thanks to our hard work and careful planning of everything. We have enjoyed everything there is to enjoy, both me and my wife, and also our children. But if there was anything that I would have loved to change, it will be the way how time flies away so fast from us all.

Time is a constant thing. It neither stops nor go back for anything, but if there was a way to somehow slow it down, even for just a little bit, then I am all for it. I really hate looking at watches, especially the mechanical ones, as I do not want to see the second hand chug along its path, never stopping ever, not unless the batteries drains itself out. I really hope there are “batteries” of some sort that we can take out, for time to slow down.

Why I am saying this is because I want to live more. I want to experience everything this world has to offer and I want to stay forever with my family. I know that this is not possible even if you wanted it to be and all that’s left for us to do is to wish it, knowing quite well that it would never, ever, come true.

I can still remember having our first child and how wonderful it is. I remember how hard it was to me and my wife, caring for our firstborn, as we do not have anybody else to go to or even ask about how things should be. We chugged along through constipation in newborns, diarrhea due to newborn growth spurts, diaper rashes, fevers, bouts of crying which may be colic, and a host of other troubles we had to endure.

But everything, every one of them, I would do again if I could, if only to have the chance to relive them once again, to sort of rewind life a little.

Now the children are already grown up, both of them, and they do already have a life of their own, their own minds. I really miss my time with them back when they were small, the way they always come to you for anything is really a joy to experience and would not exchange for anything in this world. How I would like to go back to that time once again.

Even now they ask me about things they don’t understand, and to that I am very thankful. I am scared that this time will also come to pass soon and I will also be left with just memories of it. I am enjoying it to the fullest knowing quite well that it will not be for long.

I know life is made up of stages that we must go through and experience. One after another they will come to pass and never be again. If only the stages were much longer that we can enjoy them a bit more. If only we can slow time a little, then I am all for it.

Getting Old and Creaky

The only troubles I have been experiencing with regards to growing old are arthritis in fingers and the ever ubiquitous bad back every now and then. I know that I have taken very good care of my body till now, but the arthritis and the back things, I guess, are really unavoidable facts of growing old and are to be expected.

My family being a part of a long line of arthritis sufferers is no help either and I also found out that it is hereditary. So I guess I am really in line to be one and that my fates are sealed. But it is not really that bad when arthritis kicks in. In fact I rate it only as a minor inconvenience and it still does not cause any significant effects, like what they do with other arthritis sufferers that I know.

It might not even be arthritis that I am suffering from but something else entirely. I still can remember that I had suffered sprained fingers from climbing a tree back when I was still young and it is those same fingers that are acting up now. I did not told my mom about what had happened to me right then as I was afraid to get scolded. That was a mistake apparently, if I have told her, then probably none of these things would have had to happen to me now.

Well I just shake my hands off, the times when I feel the onset of them are at hand, and it works most of the times. When it doesn’t, I search for something hot, most probably coffee in a cup, I hold my hand against it and it does offer some relief. It’s not every day that I feel my fingers aching and they usually act up when the weather is cold or I am in a cold environment, like the mall or something.

That is why I usually prefer playing chess outdoors, usually on my patio, in a park, or maybe even in restaurants and cafes that offer alfresco tables. I am a regular at the local Starbucks and they always reserve a table for me outside during the afternoons of Thursdays thru Saturdays, the days that I usually come by and play chess with my buddies, which also reminds me that I have got to do something with my playing chess, as it is the main culprit behind my aching back, or I think it is.

I have to get my posture corrected as I am always in the habit of stooping my upper body when playing chess. I place my two elbows on the table and my two fists on my cheeks or my chin. Then I lean forward to the point where my back forms an arch of some sort and I keep that pose indefinitely, or until we finally finish a match. I like to get close in on the action that’s why I do that but it is beginning to do its toll on my back.

I have to change it soon or I’ll be the local hunchback at Starbucks. Now we don’t really want that to happen, do we?

The Game of Chess

Have you ever played chess before? It is one of the most popular games played by children, adults and seniors at home, in parks, schools, clubs, online, and in tournaments. If not yet, and you are interested to play this game, it would help you to know some basic information about this game.


Chess is a two-player board game which dates back to the late 1800s. Its first official world championship was held in 1886 with Wilhelm Steinitz as the pioneering world chess champion. It is being promoted worldwide by the Mind Sports Organization as a “mind sport” along with other games such as Scrabble and Contract Bridge. This game is a recognized sport by the International Olympic Committee while the conduct of international chess competition is overseen by the World Chess Federation (FIDE). Apart from the regular chess game popular to many people, there are many other variants of chess that use different boards and pieces available in these competitions.


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