Perfect Company

My wife has been complaining a lot lately because since I have retired, I am never seen in our home. She told me that I have been really addicted to playing chess and she does not have someone to keep her company. So I thought to myself to give her a present. When she was younger, she told me that she has always wanted to have her own cat, but her mom had an asthma so she could not have one. I decided to go to the pet shop to get her one.

I do not have any idea about what breed to get her, so I just asked the sales representative to educate me about cats. I am just fortunate enough that the sales person is very kind and patient with me as I asked him lots of questions about them. The sales person introduced himself as Charles, but he added that I could also call him Chuck. He told me that I could get my wife an American Shorthair because they are a very good companion at home. He added that such breeds are not high maintenance, as they do not have the need to be groomed every time. They just need once a week bathing and once a month clipping of their claws. He also mentioned that they have lots of customers who are very glad that they have bought such breed because they are very loving and loyal cats once the owner has gained their trust. I asked him about what food to feed them and he told me that they could eat any brand of cat food whether it be dry or the wet kind.

Chuck got me an American Shorthair kitten and he asked me to pet it. I was surprised that the kitten loved being petted because I have seen and met cats of our neighbors and they are normally grumpy and grouchy to humans. He told me that those kinds of cats have not been socialized with other people that is why they have acted like that. He also mentioned that the kittens that are up for sale were all dewormed to prevent roundworms in cats. I am happy with what he told me that I do not have to worry about such a disease. He just reminded me do not let the cat go outside, as they would be prone to getting parasites.

I thanked Chuck for his time and for educating me about cats. He told me that it is his work to educate people about the pets that they would like to buy. I added that I would buy one for my wife as a present. I also asked him to get me a cage for the kitten. Before I go, he reminded me to be wary of pancreatitis in cats because they do not normally show symptoms on the early stage. It is best to bring the cat to a veterinarian twice a year to be sure that our pet is fit and healthy.