Promise Fulfilled

My wife is so vain until now and I am glad that she maintained her youthful glow. When I see her now, it just looks like the time stopped for her. She looks like the woman whom I invited to be my prom date eons of years ago. She is still beautiful and elegant as ever. I am glad that I married her and I would always cherish her for the rest of our lives.

I remember when he got pregnant with our son, Mark. She told me that she fears that she will also have stretch marks on breasts like her friend, Barbara. I told her that she should not worry about it now because the health of our baby is still on the top of our priorities. She agreed and she told me that her vanity is her second priority and we both laughed about it. She made me promise that I would help her deal with it right after she has given birth.

When she finally gave birth to Mark, she then asked me about how to remove stretch marks because she could not wear a bikini anymore during summer. I told her that it is still 9 months away from summer season and she could get rid of the stretch marks fast with the right treatment. I suggested her to ask her friend, Barbara about what she has done to get rid of those unsightly marks. Barbara told her that she went to a dermatologist named Dr. James and she had herself get a laser treatment for ten sessions. She added that her marks really lightened up.

My wife is afraid of getting a laser treatment, so my wife and I logged on the internet to search about the best alternative ways to deal with stretch marks. We read that stretch marks would lighten up with a few basic steps that my wife could do. First, she has to mix Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Olive oil and aloe vera gel, and apply the mix to the affected area. She has to massage it for a few minutes to make the skin soft. Next is the exfoliation process and it would help the marks to lighten. She could use granulated salt or sugar mixed with milk. We read that my wife needs to do it every day for a month to see the results that she wants.

My wife is fairly pleased with the alternative way that we found in the web. She told me that she may be vain, but she really is afraid of a laser treatment. She added that it might affect her breast milk, which she would be feeding our son. In just two months, the method that my wife chose really worked. We even have a before and after picture to prove it. She is so thankful to me because I always support her in everything that she decides to do. I told her that it is called love and we hugged.