My favorite chess student is Raymond and he prefers to be called Ray. He is only eight years old, but he could already beat people twice his age. He really is a prodigy among my other students. We have been really close because he always spends his weekends at my home practicing. He dreams of being a chess grandmaster someday and I told him that he could do it because I know that he would in time, but he needs to practice more. I am glad that his parents support him all the way. I also had the pleasure to meet them because they often pick him up after his chess practices in my home. I sometimes even accompany him home when his parents are not available to fetch him. It is not a hassle because he just lives a block away from my house.

Ray’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Scott invited my wife and me to Ray’s birthday this weekend. They told me that they still have not buy him a gift. They asked me if Ray mentioned something that he wants as a present. I told them that he once mentioned that he is interested in bunny breeds specifically lionhead bunnies. We all did not have any idea about what does it look like, so we planned to go to the pet shop after their work the next day. They told me that they could just pick me up at home tomorrow and I agreed. I told my wife that I am going to accompany Ray’s parents and she told me that it is so nice of me to offer. I told my wife that I do not have anything to do anyway so I could just come along. I thought that I could also buy something for their son.

The next day, I have been thinking a lot about what to get Ray. Since his parents are going to buy him a bunny, I thought that I could buy something related to the bunny like a cage or a pet toy for the bunny. Mr. and Mrs Scott picked me up and we are all excited going to the pet shop. I asked them about what they told Ray on where are they going. Mr. Scott told me that they told their son that they are going to have a meeting with their clients.

Finally, we saw the pet shop and we parked in front of it. We talked to the sales representative and we are shocked that the so-called lionheads have manes reminiscent of lions. The sales clerk told us that there are two types of them which is the single maned and the double maned. I asked him about which is easier to take care of for an eight year old kid and he told me that it is the former. Ray’s parents finally decided to get him two single maned lionheads, while I told them that I would give their son a rabbit’s cage. His parents are hesistant because they told me that I have done so much for them. I told them that it is okay because Ray is a great kid.