Wrong Move

I have been feeling under the weather for the past few days. My wife asked me about what is going on because I am not the type of person who would pass up a game of chess for days. I told her that I am experiencing intermittent fever, severe pain on my back below the ribs and an occasional pain in urination. My wife is worried about my symptoms because it sounds like that I have kidney stones. I asked my wife is this what do kidney stones feel like because I really feel weak. She told me that I have to get to the doctor immediately because I should never take such a condition lightly. I told her that I have a friend who passed his stone in his urine and she told me that smaller kidney stones could pass through urine tracts, so I should have a doctor examine me, so that we would know what we should do. I told her that first thing in the morning, I would go to the hospital to know about my condition.

The next morning, I am surprised to see that my wife already changed her clothes. I asked her about where she is going and she told me that she is going to come along with me to the hospital. She added that I should hurry up to avoid long lines for the doctor because I am just going to be a walk-in patient. I rushed taking a bath and in just fifteen minutes, I am ready to go.

We went to the hospital and I am so fortunate enough that there are many available slots for a check-up. In just minutes, we are finally let into the premises of the doctor’s clinic. The doctor asked me about what brought me in his clinic and I told him about my symptoms. He asked me if I am drinking enough water for a day and I told him that I usually prefer juices and sodas. He told me that it might be the reason why I am experiencing such symptoms. He advised me to refrain drinking other beverages other than water. He told me that I should not be too worried if I have kidney stones because there are many home remedies for kidney stones and medicines available in the market that could treat me properly. The doctor told me that I have to undergo certain tests to confirm my condition with urinalysis, blood test and an abdominal x-ray. My wife held my hand as we go to the laboratory for testing.

The medical laboratory scientist or MLS told me that it would take me a few hours before I could know about the results of my test. He assured me that it is going to be accurate. I thanked him and we went off to the café to relax a bit. My wife got me a big bottled water to drink because it is going to help me flush my stones.